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This is only an example of one paragraph in my outline. Back to our example … paper reading through my documents, I decide that the students and alumni of the Slytherin House are not more evil than students in the science of synthesis thieme houses.

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Do children benefit more from homeschooling or public school? This work is provided free of charge under a For permission to print and use this page, please contact Sandra Jamieson by e-mail. Identification of the issue you will be discussing.

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This part of the paper which may be one paragraph or several pages depending on the length of the paper--is similar to the background synthesis. Instead of the broad topic of Social Media, you could discuss your view on the effects texting has had on the English language. Decide what your position is.

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If you have free choice on a topic, some preliminary reading may help you decide what to write about. Synthesis searches for links between materials for the write of constructing a thesis or theory.

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Begin your paper with the thesis, clearly outlining the syntheses you will develop 3. You may use more than one example or illustration, if your paper calls for it. Of course, your synthesis essays will need to be written perfectly if you want to get the best grades for your course.

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Pick a topic from the list we put together or choose another topic that lends itself to synthesis 2.