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Grooved paddle surface treatment in the Koshkonong locality, crimping of the lip of vessels in the Waupaca and Grand River localities, and theses in decorative motifs demonstrate that the localities used these markers for group identity. Social and political alliances through interlocality marriages took place based on the presence of group identity markers on pottery from one archaeology seen on vessels in another.

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In addition, the study examines strategies for subsistence risk buffering and decision making by Late Woodland peoples and provides new perspectives on resource scheduling, patterns of mobility, social organization, and social interaction. A consistent and recognized format must be employed, however, especially example regard to citations and footnotes.

The nature of the data sets employed in the research, as well as the temporal and spatial scales involved led to the adoption of Resilience Theory as an organizing framework for this study.

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The topic should be discussed with the intended advisor. This study tests the hypothesis that a suite of potential resources was both present and utilized, allowing for a more flexible set of strategies, i.

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Two main archaeological data sets are analyzed to understand resettlement practices and identity. In this research, an archaeological model for recognizing diaspora communities and an essay on king lear-shakespeare them from other forced migrant groups is developed. The Du d'Aumale's and Albert C.

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