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Essay on mice and men loneliness

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Thus, with this association in place, it's clear why Curley is so humiliated following his fight with Lennie. Here Steinbeck describes much of the natural splendor as revealed in the opening pages of the work.

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Human beings, the book suggests, are at their best when they have someone else to look to for guidance and protection. When Curley gets into a fight, he means to get into a fight.

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Whit He is one of the workers at the ranch, a young man who shows Carlson the magazine with the letter from William Tenner. Because these men feel such loneliness, it is not surprising that the promise of a farm of their own and a steps to writing a successful research paper filled with strong, brotherly bonds holds such allure. Meanness In the action and language of the novel, Steinbeck explores some of the multiple meanings embedded in the idea of "meanness.

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But this only reinforces the sense that such a dangerous, potent, unreflective man cannot continue to operate in the company of others. Lennie crushes his hand, which thus symbolizes not only his loss in terms of fighting ability, but also in terms of sexual power. Carlson A large, big-stomached man who works at the ranch, Carlson complains about Candy's dog and eventually offers to put the old dog out of its misery.

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The snake that glides through the waters without harm at the beginning of the story is now unsuspectingly snatched from the world of the living.