Scarlet letter essays on sin 403 Forbidden

Scarlet letter essays on sin

He is the father of pearl and thereby the man who commuted adultery with Hester, but his sin was greater because he kept it in secret and left Hester alone to face punishment.

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Hester was forced to wear the scarlet letter "A" on her chest. Whereas she was asinner on the outside and a saint on the inside, ArthurDimmesdale is the reverse, both literally and figuratively.

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He used deception andmanipulation synthesis of diethyl oxalate make the life of another miserable. However, his sin didtake it's toll.

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All three characters are flung from the normal rolesthat society has laid upon them- minister, housewife, doctor-into new roles- sinner, whore, and vengance crazed sadist. Sin revisions on essays defined through how the characters reacted and how it changed their lives in this Midth Century Puritan society.

Hawthorne, through Hester tells us that you can be redeemed from sin if you face it, and accept what comes with it and it may even make you a better person than before.

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She had to be publically shamed for being an adulteress and to be interrogated who the father of the baby was so he would be punished also. She took her punishment and embraced it, using it to rebuild herself not as a pathetic sinner, but as a pseudo-saint.

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And in God's eyes, whose sin was greater?