Essays on merovingian dynasty Custom The Franks Essay

Essays on merovingian dynasty

My one requirement for this list is that the empire must have been ruled — for at least a majority of the time — by an emperor or king.

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The interdependency between church and state monarch will be a consistent theme throughout this paper. After defeating the other groups, thy combined to form a larger and stronger group than before.

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The peoples he conquered include: Though the political entity known as the Carolingian Empire vanished, it left a legacy that would influence the development of western Europe for centuries to come. The mere fact of knowing the Carolingian family was in control was not enough for the nobility.

When Peppin died, it was his wish that the Frankish kingdom be divided by his two sons Charles and Carloman. He became mayor of the palace in Austrasia, Neustria, and Burgundy. The Alliances the Carolingians made essay on merovingian dynasty others allowed them to increase their following and expand their empire even further.

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Additionally, the river enabled the Salians to learn a few navigation skills that became significant during the wars against other regions Lasko, A Family Who Forged Europe. The Carolingian nobility recognized that some of their territory was under attack from opposing forces. To the outside, the kingdom, even when divided under different kings, maintained unity and conquered Burgundy in It gave a sense of stability to Top essays rule, and he in turn provided stability in the Church.